Please join us at one of our California Avocado
Growers Seminar Series.


Presented by
California Avocado Society, Inc., California Avocado Commission, and University of California Cooperative Extension


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California Avocado Growers Seminars Series 2022

Scheduled Dates and Topics 


August 17

Live Seminar and Hybrid Zoom Topic

Avocado Varieties Panel Discussion

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A big thank you to our Speakers


Mary Lu Arpaia - UC Riverside Postharvest Specialist/Plant Breeder
Avocado Varieties: Current status and crystal ball gazing towards the future.
Consuelo Fernandez - Brokaw Nursery R&D Manager
Performance of Commercially Available Rootstocks and Future Availability of New Ones
Nathan Lurie and Panel
Grower Speakers on Avocado Variety and Rootstock Field Performance


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June 15

Seminar/Webinar Topic

Heat Mitigation Around the World

A big thank you to our Speakers

World wide Speakers:

Lisa Fyffe & Simon Newett – Australia, video
Francisco Mena – Chile, live
Arnon Dag – Israel, live
Miguel Lalor – Spain, live
Bruce Lampinen – UC Davis, live
Derek Knobel – Santa Paula, live

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April 20

Seminar/Webinar Topic

Vertebrate Pests

A big thank you to our Speakers

Speaker & Topic:
Rebecca Barboza, California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Speaking on Mountain Lion ecology, general facts, status in California, CDFW policies, and conflict prevention.
 Jim Hartman, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer, Integrated Pest Management Division, Los Angles County Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures. Speaking about IPM techniques to prevent and manage damage from pocket gophers & ground squirrels include the use of exclusion, habitat modification, trapping and rodenticide.

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February 16

Seminar/Webinar Topic

Avocado Disease Management

A big thank you to our Speakers 
Speaker & Topic:
Dr. Ben Faber, Crops Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension on Avocado Disease Management
Dakota Camino, PCA, Syngenta on Orondis Fungicide on Avocado and Citrus

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