Ahuacatlan Pictograph

The Ancient pictograph depicting the avocado. It translates as "The Place Where the Avocado Abounds."


Information on the Commercial Growing of Avocados.

The links to other websites organized here often bypass the organizations' home page, to get you quicker access to the subject. There is much more information available if you dig a little further. Use the search options at the linked sites for more thorough searches.


Orchard layout and development. Read two articles in the Horticulture Section of the Cooperative Extension Service-Ventura, Avocado Handbook: http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu/Com_Ag/Subtropical/Avocado_Handbook/Horticulture/ A_planting_plan_for_avocados_/ http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu/Com_Ag/Subtropical/Avocado_Handbook/Horticulture/ Planting_Avocados_/

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Description of the avocados' unique flowering cycle with a short video. University of California. http://www.ucavo.ucr.edu/Flowering/Flowering.html

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For a good introduction to the principles of irrigation and soils, look in the Avocado Handbook from University of California Cooperative Extension Ventura. Under 'Horticulture' read the article 'Soil and Water. http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu/Com_Ag/Subtropical/Avocado_Handbook/Horticulture/Water_and_Soil_/

Also read the articles under 'Irrigation.' http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu/Com_Ag/Subtropical/Avocado_Handbook/

To understand the 'California Irrigation Management Information System', CIMIS, go to their website. http://wwwcimis.water.ca.gov/cimis/welcome.jsp

An easy to use CIMIS calculator for Avocado growers at the Avocadosource website provided by the Hofshi Foundation. http://www.avocadosource.com/tools/IrrigationCalculator.asp

Still more in the Irrigation Section at the University of California, Riverside. http://www.ucavo.ucr.edu/Irrigation/Irrigation.html

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A good review of leaf analysis guidelines, injection systems, and nitrogen fertilization,is in the University of California Cooperative Extension Ventura Avocado Handbook. Three articles under 'Fertilization'. http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu/Agriculture265/Avocado_Handbook.htm

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Two great sites from the University of California. Integrated Pest Management guidelines, with great pictures and descriptions. Recommended controls. http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/selectnewpest.avocado.html

Biocontrol tactics, along with pictures and descriptions of pests and predators from Mark Hoddle's projects at University of California, Riverside. http://www.biocontrol.ucr.edu

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University of California Integrated Pest Management Program provides pesticide education and databases. http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/GENERAL/pesticides.html

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Very complete site with pictures, descriptions, and controls, from the University of California, Integrated Pest Management Program. http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/selectnewpest.avocado.html

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Look under 'Horticulture' for the 'Water and Soil' article in the Avocado Handbook, University of California Cooperative Extension Ventura. http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu/Com_Ag/Subtropical/Avocado_Handbook/Horticulture/Water_and_Soil_/

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What to do, when to do it, and what not to do, when trees are damaged by cold temperatures, from UC Riverside. http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu/Com_Ag/Subtropical/Avocado_Handbook/

Also in the 'Handbook', read the article about calculating tree loss from fire. Its the same for a freeze. Another calculator, from UC Davis, for the value of lost trees can be found at: http://coststudies.ucdavis.edu/tree_vine_loss/


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Current National Weather Service text forecasts for:

San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/sgx/display_product.php?sid=SGX&pil=ZFP

Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/lox/scripts/getprodplus.php?wfo=lox&prod=ZFPLOX

For the complete offering from the National Weather Service, Western Region: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov

More satellite photos: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/satellite http://www.noaa.gov/satellites.html

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For an introduction to avocado research in California, read the various sections on the California Avocado Commission website, Industry/Growers section: http://www.avocado.org/growers/research.php

The Hofshi Foundation site,under the direction of prominent California avocado industry member Reuben Hofshi, has a wealth of information relating to avocados. http://avocadosource.com

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Comprehensive list of varieties, rootstocks, and their characteristics, from the University of California. Most of the variety information was compiled by University of California South Coast Field Station volunteer Julie Frink and other volunteers. http://www.ucavo.ucr.edu/AvocadoVarieties/AvocadoVarieties.html#Anchor-49575

More information in two articles the the University of California Cooperative Extension Service-Ventura, Avocado Handbook. In the Horticulture Section, varieties and rootstocks. http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu/Com_Ag/Subtropical/Avocado_Handbook/

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University of California Fruit and Nut Research and Information Center - Avocado Index. http://ucce.ucdavis.edu/datastore/datastoreview/showpage.cfm?reportnumber=612&catcol= 2806&categorysearch=Avocado

Farming related information. University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources. Small Farm Program, Sustainable Agriculture, and a great search engine to anything related to agriculture. http://ucanr.org/findinformation.cfm?findinfosub=4

International avocado information, including a great section on foreign production data, as well as much more relating to avocados, see the Hofshi Foundation site. Compiledunder thedirection of prominent California avocado industry member Reuben Hofshi. http://avocadosource.com

University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources Publications. http://anrcatalog.ucdavis.edu/

University of California Cooperative Extension Service, San Diego. http://cesandiego.ucdavis.edu/

University of California Cooperative Extension Service, Riverside. http://ceriverside.ucdavis.edu/



University of California Cooperative Extension Service, Ventura. http://ceventura.ucdavis.edu

University of California Cooperative Extension Service, San Luis Obispo http://cesanluisobispo.ucdavis.edu/


The California Avocado Commission, see especially the 'Growers' section, under the 'Industry' heading. http://www.avocado.org

University of California, Agricultural Labor Management. http://www.cnr.berkeley.edu/ucce50/ag-labor

University of California, Agricultural Economics, Cost and Return Studies, for most crops and animals in California. Avocado studies are out of date and listed in the Archives Section. http://coststudies.ucdavis.edu/current.php

University of California, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Center. http://www.sarep.ucdavis.edu


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